Supernatural Season Seven Gag Reel

He tied himself up, how thoughtful.


Jensen + Scruff | 2/50

➥ Australia 2009

Time After Time//Winterslayer


Bucky didn’t expect a thank you. He also didn’t expect her lovely bare legs, which resulted in him crossing his arms and staring at the ceiling. She certainly wasn’t bashful in anyway. 

"Will you be able to make it from here?" He doesn’t mean it as a barb, though that’s how it sounded. "We’re in the city." he added, eyes still glued to the ceiling. 


"I wont be able to make it anywhere without pants!" she snaps, still rummaging about in the cabinets. She turned a moment later, annoyance written across her features. It only worsened when she turned to find Bucky pointedly looking anywhere but at her. Something about that stung. Like before in the woods. There was nothing logical to it. Only the innate sense that it was hurtful and everything about it just felt wrong. Course he wouldn’t look though. This was an entirely different world here. It wasn’t proper fr Bucky to look straight at her when she was in any state of undress,regardless of how seemingly innocent it was.

That, and the girlfriend…He had one.

…Well fuck that, and fuck him if it made him that uncomfortable. She wasn’t from this time and she wasn’t about to dress up and curtsy just cause the sight of her made people nervous in this age. She was across the room and in his face in a second.

"For christ’s sake! They’re legs. I have em, you have em, everyone’s got em, seeing them doesn’t make you any less of a christian, or a decent boyfriend or whatever the hell is is keeping you from looking at me straight. You don’t like it, help me figure out where my pants went."

Bathhouse II Closed


"Drama is more fun." he teased, feeling a foreboding sense that the statement would come to haunt him. Nodding his agreement, he took her arm and dragged her into a shadow-y alcove to change into the disguises. No employees seemed to be around, so there was no need to worry about being spotted, but it was still probably better to at least have the cover of shadows.

Instantly shedding his clothing, he left it in the alcove as he changed into the disguise. He didn’t spare Faith a glance, professional enough while on a mission. 

As she finished changing, he went to the computer to search where their mission was located. He easily found the man, third private bath on the left, down the C hallway. Glancing up, he easily spotted it. 


he changed quickly before sliding up behind Yasha, leaning against him a bit as she read over his shoulder before turning her eyes toward the indicated hallway. She said nothing, simply moved, confident that Yasha would keep up. When she came to the door she frowned when she found it locked. Twisted harder,and smiled at the small snapping sound she heard of splintering wood. She pushed it open, and walked inside.

The room was warm, dim, and steamy, and smelled oddly sweet. Probably due to assorted oils or bath salts used in the water, and the tub itself was huge, pool size, one side held steps leaving out of cooler waters into what looked to be a hot tub, while another section was walled off. Even in the dimness she could see the steam rising from the area. Must have been where the actual spring was. And in that small pool was their target. He hadn’t been facing them when they’d entered but as she’d drawn closer he’d turned, recognition filtering in after the initial annoyance his gaze had held. 

She grinned, and it wasn’t a kind look. Apparently he remembered her. Good to know considering she remembered him, the wife he’d had that dollhouse sent her to murder…Finding out later that she’d…

"What is this? Did Dollhouse send you!?"

And the grin faded, she reeled it back into a simple smirk as she tilted her head to the side, and tsked gently.

"For starters, no. But even if I was shame on you. You know Dollhouse is like the fight club. First rule is you don’t talk about it."

Someone’s Watching II Closed



Yasha had felt those teeth dig in to his skin like that before. Into his neck, marking, primal. He hadn’t felt Winter’s teeth in his skin (didn’t want to, not really), but…

How many of those bite marks on her neck did he blame on Bucky when they were truly Winter’s?

he’d have to pay more attention. Learn the differences. 

Winter was…harsh. Yasha’d expect that he’d be more timid, submissive in bed. Almost as he thought it, he wanted to laugh at himself. Winter? Submissive? Maybe the first time. Yet he undoubtedly took to learning this art with the same gusto he’d took to learning how to shoot  a gun or fight hand to hand. 

Winter didn’t need her cue to press harder, not when she had bit into him, taken him as hers.

His growl was nearly a snarl as he pinned her harder to the shower wall. He knew that his fingers would leave bruises on her hips, even his nonmetal arm. 

Winter could feel the burn rising in him. He was close, but he wasn’t letting go until she did, stubborn, controlled.

A hand snaked between their bodies and he pressed a thumb against her clit, continuing his ruthless place. 

She gasped as she was pressed into the harder, a sultry smile playing along her lips. It didn’t remain though, not when a hand was slid down her front to find that small bundle of nerves between her folds. At the first bit of pressure her hips twitched and the stuttered against his own, pleasure too much now to control the rhythm she’d had before.

She held on tighter for it though, knew Winter wasn’t going to find his own release till he was sure he’d sated her first. For a moment she toyed with the idea of holding off, fighting back the mind numbing heat that had overtaken her body. Pushing that control of his to the brink, watching it shatter. But then he tightened his hold on her, rocked forward and the angle was just—-

he made a soft noise, one set of nails digging in hard to his back,the other tangling in his hair as she pressed lip messily to his, trying more to stifle the string of moans pouring from her mouth now more than anything else.

"Clo—-so close, please please please, Winter I- mnnn. I’m about  ta, I’m—"

Words gone shaky and broken she pushed past his face, sealed lips over her earlier mark to lick a line over it before nibbling at the sensitive skin around it as she fought to meet his punishing pace, knew she’d be sore for it later and grinned at the thought before she pressed lips to his ear,nipped him there before whispering.

"I love you, love you so much James." a second more and her grip on his hair tightened as she peaked, mouth open against his shoulder, silent cry as she came trembling. 



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