Barhane HC II Food


Because of huge appetites on the part of all five of them, the barhane crew frequently has to order out hours in advance. Delivery people tend to think they’re having a part of twenty people, not a normal gathering of five.

Sharing Massages II Closed


Bucky briefly considered the thought that he’d made some sort of face showing his uncertainty. He certainly hadn’t hesitated too much. Not enough for her to comment on it or put it off as anything other than his forties’ morals and her shirtless chest. No. Faith just had some odd sixth sense where she could tell when he was doubting himself.

“Okay then, but let me know if it gets uncomfortable.” And not just with the two different temperatures, but he wanted to make sure he didn’t use too much strength.

Mentally kicking himself because slayer duh, not the usual dame, Bucky sighed. Another moment of hesitation before he decided fuck it. If Faith was uncomfortable, she wasn’t the type to keep quiet about it.

He straddled her knees, distant enough that nothing of his touched anything of hers, yet not too far that he couldn’t reach her back. Starting from the bottom up, he kneaded his thumbs into the small of her back up the line of her spine before moving up over her shoulders with all his fingers.

A smaller smile formed on her lips as she hummed her agreement to his request. She idly wondered if he meant hurting her, then wondered if he meant something else. Her smile faltered a bit at that, hen disappeared entirely as she turned her face into the curve of her arm as she felt the subtle weight and warmth of him settle above her.

The first touch of his fingers to her skin had her eyes falling shut and inhaling a sharp breath. It didn’t hurt, but it was very different. Even the anticipation of the metal hadn’t been quite enough to prepare her for the chilling shock of those artificial digits on her. Maybe she was just extra sensitive due to it being Bucky but…

She shifted a bit beneath his hands, back arching slightly as she moved into his touch. Warm, slightly calloused, human. Cool, perfectly smooth, imitation. She could feel the palm lines of his human hand, not so much on the metal one, where the lines there were too straight, too patterned to be real. Still,despite that the sensation of them together was interesting more than unnerving. 

She breathed in slowly as he drew short gentle circles into the muscles surrounding her spine, let her lungs fill only to release just as slow as his hands smoothed over her shoulders. As if letting his touch guide her into some sort of relaxation. Her exhale was a pleased hum.

"Good so far." she murmured, the reassurance coming almost instinctively from having spent so much time with the ex soldier. Bucky might not have said anything but she could still sense his nervousness, something the man seemed to carry with him almost constantly, only ever letting it fall away when she managed to distract him from it with play or laughter. It had been a slow process, but over time she’d learned that little comments went a long way in making the other more comfortable, calmer. He made it easy for her since it was only ever the truth anyway.

Movie Night Do Over II Closed


Bucky briefly thought of their last disastrous attempt at a movie night, but pushed the thought out of his head. The night had already been screwed up beyond repair. Not like it could get much worse.

God he hoped he hadn’t just jinxed himself.

Not surprised in the slightest by her appetite, he looked over the menu. There was quite a selection of good sounding food.  “I’m guessing since you had such a rave review for all of it, you have no real preference?” he questioned idly, before adding, “I’m all for stuffed shells and mozzarella sticks. You can picked the other two.” He declared, handing the menu back to her and now focusing all his attention on Butch.

“It’s funny,” he mused,  fingers rubbing the dog’s ears.  “Scout’s favorite place is behind the ears. Butch certainly seems to like it too. But I think his stomach is his favorite, right?” He paused briefly, but didn’t let her answer before continuing, “Another funny thing. Scout and Butch aren’t freaked out by the metal arm. Not even as a puppy was Scout scared by it. Though, sometimes dogs in the park get jumpy around it. Once a pug pulled one of those funny faces that only pugs can pull off at it. Clint was there and now he has a habit of sending me pictures of horrified pugs reacting to things. One was even afraid of a slice of pizza.”

He didn’t even know what he was saying. He was rambling, just filling the quiet, a bad habit of his. Some weird sort of nervous babble, though he didn’t feel particularly nervous. Some weird PTSD from his PTSD? Hell if he knew. 


"Good choice." she smiled, taking back the menu to give it another scan. Bucky had already selected the mozzarella sticks, one of her own immediate choices which left her with an extra it seemed. She was half way through the chicken dishes before she grinned and snapped the menu shut. "Stuffed ravioli and chicken Parmesan with sauce." she announced before moving to stand and make her way back to the kitchen where she’d left her phone when she went to retrieve the menu.

She put in the order and added bread sticks, very much doubting that Bucky would mind and grinned when she got the confirmation their food would be delivered within the hour.

She came back in the middle of what Bucky was saying and immediately chalked it up to another one of his impromptu rambles. Or not so impromptu. The man only ever did it when his head was full and he’d deemed a silence too long drawn out. At one point it might have annoyed her. That was before she’d gotten around to understanding why the man had the odd little quirk about him. Now it was just a part of her friend, a self calming method same as anyone tapping their foot or thumb twiddling because they couldn’t bare the stillness.

"Well, Scout’s a special pup, and Butch… Well he patrols with me some nights. Not much actually scares him after seeing real demons, not even funny metal sounds." she laughed, watching as Butch, as if understanding what Bucky had said, twisted about onto his back to present his underbelly to them both, pink tongue lolling out at the side, seemingly grinning as Bucky continued to rub behind his ears.

"You’re gonna spoil him." she snorted as she reached out to scratch the fur on his cheek, prompting a soft, and content sounding whine from the dog.

"His cheeks, forehead, ears, and belly are his weak spots." she grinned, pulling her hand back only to laugh as the abrupt halt of touch had Butch squirming to sit up and eye her pointedly.

"Food will be here within the hour by the way. I also ordered us some bread sticks."  moving to stand she made her way to the entertainment center to look at the stack of movies they’d yet to get through.

"Whatcha in the mood for Buck?" she asked, not bothering to turn around as she looked through the selection, no one really standing out to her although they were all decent choices.

"You and I won't lose each other, I will always find you again. No matter how well you hide. I'm unstoppable."

Her promise to them


Fabian: He isn’t who he was…

Faith: So that means we abandon him?!

She releases her grip and pushes him away from her

Faith: He’d come back for us! If we leave him out there like that he’s alone in the world! I would never do something like that to you!


Faith: I’m bringing him back… now are you coming or not?

on loving a fighter