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“i.There is a boy you love with the weight of the world on his shoulders, who feels he does not belong anywhere, anymore.
How can you tell him that he belongs here with you? How can you make him understand that he is loved, and wanted, and cared for?
You are both broken people, but you can hold each other together and pretend that makes you whole.
ii.There is a boy you love and he deserves the world, but you don’t have the ability to give it to him.
But you can give him I love you and I need you and I’ve got you, pressed into his skin and his mouth, against his chest when he holds you tight as your shoulders shake, into his hair when he cries.
He is not weak; it is not weak to feel, not even to cry (although you will admit that it feels it, sometimes).
He’s the strongest person you’ve ever met, and sometimes that scares you. Sometimes you’re jealous of how much easier he finds it to cope with the things that life throws at you both.
You used to think you needed him more than he needed you. Now you know it’s just harder for him to admit.
iii.There is a boy you love who’s at war with the world, picking battles before he picks friends.
He is hard fists and sharp, jagged edges, fingers set to bruise and word-shaped bullets piercing your armour and making you bleed.
It’s okay, you tell him; if he needs to fuck you hard enough to forget himself, it’s okay. You can deal with the ache, if it makes him feel better—
But you can dig beneath it, too, show him with gentle lips and soft hands that you are not his enemy, you are not going to leave him alone, needing a hard heart to protect himself.
He can learn to be soft again, slowly. He can figure out a place in this world that doesn’t require him to weaponise himself.
His place is with you —home is, you’ve learned, with a person. Home is, you’ve learned,with him.”

anthem for doomed youth:   (via russiasartfuldodger)


Yasha regret the day he stopped wearing contacts. It was one day. He’d fallen asleep studying and his eyes had been killing him thanks to not taking his contacts out. So, he switched to glasses. 

It took two periods before his jerk of a jock boyfriend tracked him down and stole them. 

"What do you think you’re doing?" Yasha hissed, aware people were looking at their quarterback blinking hectic-ly behind the lenses of Yasha’s glasses. People still weren’t happy that their football hero turned out less than straight, and for the nerdiest of nerds too. Yasha was still trying to adapt to the attention. 

"Give me my glasses back." Yasha hissed, vaguely aware through the blur that Fabian probably looked absolutely adorable. Fabian pouted and slipped them back on Yasha’s nose. 

It took two days before Fabian found the glasses in Yasha’s bedside table and Yasha got to see the full adorableness with his contacts in this time. 

No wonder people were staring in the hallway.

a haiku about my otp

god fucking dammit

can’t you just kiss already

jesus fucking christ

Bathhouse II Closed


Yasha sighed, rolling his eyes as he sauntered over to the now dead man, easily slitting a patch of skin away to get the blood and begin working on the little message. Even as he worked, a quick job, he turned his gaze to Faith. 

"So boring. Why do something simply like that when there is obviously something that wants to come out to play? It had so much potential.” A part of him, probably Winter, was very glad that she hadn’t lost control of…whatever was inside of her. Another part, his curiosity, was irritated. 

It was a quick job. Room in red blood. Leaning down, he slipped his hand into the water of the jacuzzi to clean it off, before wiping his hand on his pants. “Come on then. Let us get out of here before someone comes along. I’m sure the message will get to the right ears.” he informed her as he sauntered past. At least now he could talk about dollhouse. "You and the guy childhood friends? Like playing with dolls and dollhouses together?” he asked nonchalantly. 

Faith didn’t once bother to answer him while he worked, not about to divulge even a bit of that part of her to the reckless Russian. Even just a small showing of the monster within obviously had the man near brim full with wonder. That was something dangerous enough in itself without her indulging him.

"Sure lets go with that." She snorted turning to follow him out the door.

Present for Fabian II Closed


Yasha’s face was innocent, “Well, I’d worry more about any lovely ladies assisting me. They’re going to be doing up my bra and maybe I’ll need help getting my lovely little panties settling right.” She could turn a straight lady bi, at the very least. She was sure of it. 

Suddenly, a thought niggled in the back of her mind and she laughed. “I believe I recall you saying sometime that the flirting with others had to stop or else someone would die. Maybe I should be careful.” she snickered, slipping her way out of his arms as they entered, looking interestedly around. “Definitely have to get Faith a present too.” she mused. 

Feeling Yasha move to pull away he reluctantly released her only to huff a moment later. A grumpy sort of pout formed on his lips as he watched her peruse the choices, suddenly wishing they’d stuck with Faith and the others. At least then he’d have backup against the cheeky little minx.

" Or you could act your age and put them on yourself like a big girl." He gruffed, turning around to sift through the rack beside him. " Lord knows ya had enough practice taking them off. You’d think you’d av’ a general idea of the reverse by now." And oh that was mean… Fabian instantly regretted the snippiness, jaw tightening a moment to late in his delayed reaction to keep his trap shut. Had Faith been within earshot he knew she’d have clocked him one round the ear. Might’ve told him to take it back while she was at it. But Faith was on the other side of the store and despite the apology weighing on his tongue he didn’t say it, adamant about enjoying the few moments of sulkiness while he could.

Movie Night Do Over II Closed


The journey back to Faith’s apartment was silent, but silence was stifling or awkward. It was more…contemplative. And calming. Bucky could almost forget that he had a meltdown in the middle of the subway and promptly caused them to cancel their dinner plans.


When they arrive back at Faith’s apartment, Bucky throws himself into greeting Butch, just to avoid those thoughts. “Butch!” he exclaimed happily, allowing the dog to jump up at him and even going so far as to just lift him off his feet, hugging him to his chest. “Jeez, big dog. You’re almost too heavy for me.” he teased, plopping down on the couch and bringing Butch with him, onto his lap, scratching and scrubbing the dog all over. “We should have order delivery on the way back.” Bucky mused to Faith, looking up to her as he continued petting Butch. 

She couldn’t have been happier when the first thing she’d seen when opening her apartment door had been Butch’s warm eyes and somewhat anxious attention. But she was when just after affectionately bumping his head against her leg he moved past to greet Bucky with all the love and joy the Shepard was capable of. Turning to watch the pair as she pulled off her boots her grin widened. Butch always did have a way of knowing exactly what a person needed without a word.

"Probably. It’d have been here by now if we had though, we might’ve missed the delivery guy." Not likely though, given the boy’s tendency to draw out the sale if only to stay and try and flirt her up a little. If the twenty something hadn’t been such a cutie it might’ve annoyed her. But she supposed trying to chat her up was much more fun then the hot kitchen that was probably waiting for him back at the Joe’s. Bucky didn’t need to know about that though. "Here’s the menu."

She handed it to him just before plopping down on the couch, which resulted in her jostling Butch a bit,something that earned her a look from him till he settled back don, repositioning to lay his head in Bucky’s lap which brought him close enough to pet. “Everything on there is amazing and considering this is a movie night I say we shoot for at least four dishes to share.” To anyone else that amount may have seemed excessive but to her… Well thankfully this wouldn’t be the first time the ex soldier had seen her eat and he’d yet to be scared off by her appetite so far.


In which these two are e v i l and totally planned this


In which these two are e v i l and totally planned this